1. Is this Peter's car?  .

  2. Emma  tennis.

  3.  any sugar in my coffee.

  4. A Ferrari is  a Fiat.

  5. Pamela me a letter last week.

  6. Margaret  Chinese food well.

  7. When  that film?

  8. There are many students in my town who .

  9. The football players  were really good.

  10. In my school, you  do exams every year.

  11. If you  the radio, you can listen to music.

  12. When , John will go into military service.

  13. If , I wouldn't smoke so much.

  14. Mary said  visit her grandmother today.

  15. Ask Joe to go to the supermarket  some milk and cheese.

  16. Karen  go to the library with her.

  17. Jennifer hasn't seen Ben .

  18. The doctor will call you as soon as .

  19.  in this office?

  20. Paul  this project finished by tomorrow.

  21. Look at these mistakes!  You  more careful.

  22. When the students , they will get their diplomas.

  23. When Justin arrived at the station, the train to London .

  24. That jacket was too expensive.  I wish  money.

  25. We're going to the beach.  Did you remember ?

  26. Sheila  start studying for her exams soon.

  27. Why are you so tired? ?  

  28. , I would not have believed it.

  29. Never  a hotel so grand.